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Grid is a free, monthly print publication focused on sustainability issues and initiatives in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Grid was born out of a potent combination of inspiration and frustration. With enthusiasm fueled by reading the growing library of books about sustainability, we looked at the current media and found it lacking. The story of sustainability was either not reported, wrongly reported, under-reported, or rightly reported but lost in the deluge of if-it-bleeds-it-leads, celebrity-obsessed titillation. Where was the encouraging voice, so easy to find in books, to discuss these issues, and on a local level? We took a hard look in the mirror, gargled some salt water and decided that Grid would be that voice.

We want people to read Grid and feel like taking on the world, not hiding under their beds. Beyond the helpful how-to's, Grid explains complex issues — whether they be economic, environmental, social — in a straightforward and easy to understand way. How many people really know what storm water management is, or geothermal heating? We will spell it out, draw pictures — heck, we may even write songs — whatever it takes to demystify these important concepts, we will do it.

Visit Us: www.gridphilly.com